A Call for Reformation, Not Anarchy and Totalitarianism

We are watching legitimate outrage and protest being co-opted by groups determined to destroy institutions and replace them with their own forms of oppression. History is replete with positive initial intentions being subverted: The French Revolution started with good intentions and ultimately imploded and yielded Napoleonic power. The Russian Revolution in 1917 began with democratic forces beginning to fashion a new future, and by 1922 Bolshevik Communists led by Lenin inaugurated one of the most repressive regimes in history. Millions were hopeful in 1949 when Mao led a Communist takeover…by 1970, millions of Chinese had perished in the “Cultural Revolution.”

I can’t breathe: George Floyd, the gospel, and our response

Once again, I want to share the wise words of a colleague and friend. Pastor Chris Brooks is a lead/teaching pastor, a host for Moody Radio, an author and speaker, and deeply devoted, Gospel-centered catalyst for positive change. Here are his reflections on the George Floyd moment: