Serving Your Mission by Solving Real Problems

Dear friends,

Life and work in the shadow of a pandemic and public polarization calls for wisdom. This overview is dedicated to your flourishing. I aim for mutuality, relational integrity, and shared discovery that goes beyond a list of principles and steps (though they emerge in our process!).

Who I am: a friend and colleague that will encourage, equip, and empower you and your community/organization toward your full potential. For over 40 years, I have integrated pastoral and academic leadership, marketplace and public square wisdom in service of the common good. I am a conversational and insightful speaker, a trusted advisor, and a catalytic connector.

Getting to the point: Leaders and organizations face unprecedented challenges. Here are a few examples of my leadership and how I can assist you and your organization (call me for a complete list):

  • Challenge: Leaders are exhausted and frustrated. My contributions: connecting leaders to the insights, people, and resources for true health and walking with them through transitions.
  • Challenge: Recalibrating and reimaging discipleship and mission in the shadow of the pandemic. My contribution: written articles, interactive conversations, and workshops on the key shifts needed for sustainability. I help you discover and communicate fresh vision.
  • Challenge: making REAL progress on discipleship in our local churches. My contributions: Strategic: “Think Outcomes™” – helping leaders frame a vision of wholeness connected to their mission and assessing progress with the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment ™ instrument, a revolutionary tool for positive change. Tactical: helping leaders apply insights in their context.
  • Challenge: Creating and sustaining initiatives that elevate the spiritual and social vitality of communities. My contribution: equipping (and inviting colleagues with expertise) churches and organizations to discover and mobilize the assets of their communities.
  • Challenge: Reframing personal and organizational missions. My contributions: through advising and accompanying, effective tools are deployed for clarity and focus.
  • Challenge: Navigating the complexities of a changing economy. My contribution: written and workshop resources for integrating vocational stability and occupational flexibility.
  • Challenge: Articulating reality and truth in our pluralistic and polarized public square. My contributions: I am a public intellectual. Through a 4-step process, I help leaders empower their communities toward winsomeness and wisdom, and compassion without compromise.

Before you continue reading, let’s talk money: Pricing for my services varies with the capacity of the leaders and organizations. I will give pricing specifics as we connect. I also serve leaders and organizations that have fewer resources through my non-profit Vine Associates. Please do not hesitate connecting regardless of economics. I have found leaders and organizations participate in our pathways more energetically when they invest money and/or time.

You have many excellent choices among the coaches, consultants, and conferences. I pledge to connect you with the best expertise in the fields we are exploring together. I am blessed being part of several networks and will honor others’ contributions. My strength includes integration of wisdom from biblical, historical, and contemporary sources and the ability to help apply these insights in your context.

How I can serve you:

  • Thought Leadership
    • Speaking for churches, non-profits, businesses, networks, and public agencies that care about the flourishing of all persons and communities. My style is conversational and inspirational, integrating timeless wisdom with timely insights.
    • Expert Panels: I enjoy conversing with other experts in ways that lead to clarity of thought and concrete actions.
    • Training: seminars and workshops leading to action plans.
    • Writing: I accept commissions for specific topics in my fields that will help you, from brief executive summaries to longer articles.
    • Podcasts and media interviews: I have decades of experience in conversations that lead to positive action.
  • Academic leadership: I have taught over 50 courses in five disciplines and enjoy all levels of student engagement, from undergrad to doctorates. I have served on boards, been an associate dean, and created new programs. I have helped begin and sustain networks of schools devoted to the whole person and wholeness in our world. Practically, I am available for:
    • Visiting professor: teaching online or in-person/hybrid intensives in history, religion, apologetics, faith-work integration, leadership, discipleship, missiological history, and theology in the public square.
    • Advising: helping school leaders move forward in this moment of educational change. I also recommend the best consultants. One specialty is weaving into curricular and co-curricular programs faith, work, and economic wisdom.
    • Guest presenter: for both curricular and co-curricular events. I enjoy sharing stories that illustrate key ideas.
  • Advising for leaders and organizations: I bring highly contextual and relational accompaniment to you and your mission. As a trusted advisor, I commit to sharing the best ways forward, including connecting you to the best persons and resources that will empower your progress. I can help you discover the hidden assets of your organization and community.
    • Executive briefings: 90-minute to half-day moments of clarity, discovery, and focus.
    • 90-day journeys with leadership teams and ongoing advising.

My fields and topics
: I have been blessed with a wide range of experiences and education, and I am the recipient of outstanding mentoring. Here are my general areas of expertise, and we can customize for your context.

  • Encouraging and insightful conversations on the creative arts (with Kathleen Self).
  • Biblical, theological, and historical perspectives on current issues = timeless wisdom/timely applications as we go, “back to the future.”
  • The intersections of faith, work, and economic wisdom, in light of future trends.
  • Reimagining discipleship and mission = “Think Outcomes.” ™
  • Pathways to thoughtfulness: helping foster reflection over reaction.
  • Strategic and tactical planning rooted in community/organizational mission and values.
  • Advising and accompanying leadership and organizational transitions.
  • Insights leading to healthy leaders and organizations.
  • History inspires hope: mining the riches of church history for wisdom


Meet Dr. Charlie Self

Charlie and Kathy are celebrating 41 years of marriage and have three adult children and five grandchildren. They live in Highlands Ranch, CO. They welcome connection through their websites: and You can email Charlie directly at He can be contacted by phone at 408-307-1339.

Charlie and Kathy’s shared mission: helping all people enjoy the bread of life in Christ and share in the beauty of the Trinity through the visual arts, speaking, writing, advising, and serving. Charlie offers individuals and organizations an array of conversations, consultations, and connections for fulfillment of the mission. For four decades Charlie and Kathy have integrated church and academy, marketplace and public square, believing that all domains of service can serve the kingdom of God.


Charlie is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and an experienced pastor, credentialed since 1980. He has served as an associate and senior pastor in several congregations in California, Oregon and Washington, D.C. He has served as an interim pastor several times. He is currently part of the teaching team at Highpoint Church, Aurora, CO.

Director, Made to Flourish (2016-2021), empowering pastors and churches to integrate faith, work and economic wisdom for the flourishing of their communities. Charlie has been Director of City Networks, City Expansion, and Training.

Charlie is the Visiting Professor of Church History at The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (2006-present) in Springfield, MO where he teaches courses in apologetics, church history, mission history, leadership development and discipleship. He was the first Director of the new Ph.D. in Bible and Theology, the first Assemblies of God Ph.D. in this field.

With Dr. Johan Mostert, Charlie is the co-founder of Discipleship Dynamics™ (2012-present) – a biblical, empirically verified whole-life discipleship assessment that measures 5 Dimensions and 40 Outcomes. See this revolutionary tool at

Charlie is a board member and recognized ministry with Vine Associates a network of leaders dedicated to kingdom advancements in all domains of society.

Charlie has been part of the Acton Institute for Religion and Liberty as a faculty member, senior advisor and supporter (2011-present). Acton is a world-leading think tank dedicated to good intentions and sound economics that build a free and virtuous society.

Charlie was a founding Board Member for Missio Alliance (2012-2021), inviting Christian leaders into a generative, expansive, intercultural network to cultivate holistic theology and practice.

He is a founding member of Steering Team with Oikonomia Network/Karam Forum (2013-present) with leaders from many different colleges, universities and seminaries exploring faith, work, and economics integration.

Charlie was an early leader and is currently an Executive Advisory Team member of Messenger Fellowship (1988-present) This diverse network invites leaders to strive for a “Radical Middle” and foster reformation in the church and awakening in the world.

Charlie has been in professional post-secondary education since 1981. He has been an adjunct, associate, full professor and a visiting professor, teaching over 50 courses in Bible, History, Philosophy, Religion and Theology at The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Northpoint Bible College, Trinity Bible College, Bethany University, Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium, George Fox University, William Jessup University and Northern California Bible College.


Charlie has four earned degrees: BA in History with College and Major Honors in Renaissance/Reformation and Colonial American History 1981; MA in History on the Church and Social Change in Latin America, 1992; Ph.D. in Modern European History, with foci on Belgian Protestantism and studies in Virtue Ethics and the Holocaust, 1995. These degrees were earned at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He also has a MA in Philosophical and Systematic Theology, from The Graduate Theological Union and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA. in 1986.

Thought Leadership

Charlie is the author of three books: His most recent work is, Flourishing Churches and Communities: A Pentecostal Primer on Faith, Work and Economics for Spirit-Empowered Discipleship (Christian’s Library Press 2013). The Divine Dance (Authorhouse, 2003), The Power of Faithful Focus (with co-author Les Hewitt- Faith Communications, 2004) All are available on Amazon. Charlie has two forthcoming books in 2022: Thoughtful: From Reaction to Response and Life in 5-D: A New Vison of Personal Wholeness.

Charlie is a frequent contributor to the Made to Flourish website and Common Good magazine, The Gospel Coalition’s, “Thorns and Thistles” essays, Influence Magazine, Enrichment Journal, Christian History, The AGTS Rapport, the Missio Alliance, Patheos, and other sites.

Charlie was a frequent guest as “Dr. History” on the KSFO 560 AM Talk Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2003 to 2019. His work in radio goes back to the 1980s and he is a guest on many broadcasts and podcasts.

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