Who Will Be in Control?

We are watching the implosion of our civilization one “reality” show at a time.

While neo-pagans try to regulate the environment to the detriment of average workers and Muslim extremists plan their denoument of Europe, Israel and the USA, we worry about Anna Nicole Smith and fools like Don Imus.

England is limiting references to the Holocaust so that Islamic leaders are not “offended.” Now we change history to suit religious tastes?

Freedom for any nation rests upon virtue founded upon lasting moral principles. Personal responsibility for the general good is the basis for less governmental interference in our lives.

As the moral foundations of the West crumble, the void created by the dearth of ethical and spiritual vitality will be filled by elites ready to ‘guide” the masses to their vision of the better world.

Right now there are two totalitarian rivals for the loyalty of the mindless: Radical Islam and Environmentalism. I am not speaking of most muslims nor am I against significant improvements in environmental policy for our better future. But the radicals in Islam and groups like Earth First! have clear ideas of what the world should look like and believe that those unwilling to go along need to be removed. The leaders of these movements know that it does not take a majority to overthrow governments, just a dedicated vanguard ready to employ any means to achieve their anarchic-apocalytic or oppressive-paternalistic ends.

If the West does not experience real moral and spiritual change, Islam will achieve in 2032 what it could not achieve in 732 – domination of much of Europe.

If America does not awaken morally and develop balanced social policies, intellectual elites will fill the void with controls over speech, thought, and economic freedom.

If all this sounds far-fetched, remember that the French Revolutionaries – without the buffer of strong religious pluralism – watched their dream cut off by the guillotine and Napoleon. Germany’s bohemian excesses and spiritual vacuum were fertile soil for the Nazis – who never won a majority in any regular election!

The void of Vietnam allowed the Democratic Party to be hijacked by radicals in 1972 and it has been hard to find too many moderates in that Party since then, especially on family issues.

We have a choice – self-control through adherence to principles or control by elites consumed by their own arrogance and perverted utopianism. If radical Islam “wins”, women are uneducated and clothers in burkhas. If Earth First! wins, only select folks may reproduce and a decline in population is welcome to heal Mother Earth.

We do have a choice – but will we get off our couches and away from our computers long enough to exercise our moral muscles again?

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