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“Science is Real” Separating Facts from Ideology

As Kathy and I walk our neighborhood, we occasionally see signs that include a variety of slogans, including, “Science is Real.” This phrase is part of a campaign by climate activists to demonize any “deniers” that question human-caused climate change and support radical proposals to “save the planet because we have only 9, 12, 20, or 50 years left.”

Science is a wonderful part of humankind’s creativity and curiosity. It yields amazing breakthroughs for human flourishing, from healthy foods to medical care, technology for the workplace, and so much more. The founder of the modern state of Singapore was asked about the most important invention of the 20th century. His response? “Air conditioning.” Without it, computers cannot function and billions living in tropical climates cannot be productive. Science is an ever-evolving series of experiments and findings, discussions and discoveries, and the source of much debate! For people of faith, science is a gift from God, part of common grace or natural revelation. Science is not a deity, but the amalgamation of human inquiry. It can be used for good or manipulated for evil.

Human-influenced climate change is tracked using a combination of historical temperature readings, computer modeling, and current observations. Leaving aside exaggerated terms like, “97% all agree that…” or “there is no problem” – how do we sort our facts from ideology? And, just as important, how should consensual science inform economic and social policies affecting billions of people?

Let’s assume that “the science is real” and humankind is having a deleterious impact on the climate. Current solutions emanating from the UN and the West are radical and have little actual impact on global temperatures. Adding to this reality is the fact that we have seen a shift in language from “global warming” to “climate change” because the trends are not conforming to early computer models. Science is being used as a cover to destroy the fossil fuel, natural gas, and nuclear power industries, with inadequate replacements.

The way forward is neither denial nor apocalyptic measures. Good ecological stewardship is good economics. Science is already reducing emissions enormously in the developed world. Alternative energy solutions are emerging, but are not yet cost-effective as complete replacements. And here is the key: Global elites and politicians love greater control over people’s lives and arranging massive transfers of wealth – none of which affect them (unless they benefit)! The losers are middle- and working-class folks around the world that need affordable energy. We can improve the environment and ensure all can flourish without impoverishing billions for the wallets and power grabbing of a few. We need a concomitant strategy of improving the emissions of current sources while developing low-cost alternatives. As the science catches up to our dreams, we can see a better world without chaos and the loss of liberty.

Defending the West

I desire that all others enjoy the opportunities, privileges and rights I enjoy. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is not a guarantee of outcomes, but a call for access and justice for all. Life is not a zero-sum game. There is room for all to fulfill their callings and develop their capacities.

Our deeply flawed President is correct when he challenges all lovers of freedom to consider the structures and values that contrast the best of the West with the totalitarian threats of Islamicism and radical global-secularists.

I am not defending the egregious actions and words of our leader(s).

I am asking that all of us look deeply into the first principles of virtue-based liberty and take responsibility for the moral and spiritual condition of America and Western Europe.

From the French Revolution to today, we see the tragic effects of removing reverence for the Almighty and replacing it with elitist scientism and technocracy.

I am NOT aiming to reify a prior age, but crying out for humility, reflection and renewal…and liberation from the anger, fear and hatred that spoils discourse and debate.



We The People

Some pseudo-scientists from Oxford and NYU recently published another “groundbreaking” paper positing human re-engineering as one solution to the crisis of global warming. Part from the muddled state of climate change research, the proffered ideas are startling for their irreverent hubris and utterly inhumane worldview.

The notions that smaller stature, an anti-beef patch and drugs to reprogram behavior will change the environment have no basis in anything approaching objective research. Added to these audacious suggestions are the numerous violations of any ethical boundaries, along with a view of humanity that is supremely utilitarian.

Ethicists have been battling eugenic fantasies for almost two centuries. From insane notions of racial hierarchies to social Darwinism to the awful classist and racist notions of Margaret Sanger and the Nazis, modern humanity has attempted to turn advances in knowledge that can heal into the formation of master races and designer persons.

The secular Left claims to champion the causes of the poor and vulnerable while espousing abortion, infanticide and radical economic policies designed to limit population and ration medical care. To give any of these notions serious consideration is a violation of slop the progress we have moade during the last two millennia.

We need to champion excellent science that can heal. We must also declare that each human life is a gift that must be received and
nurtured. We must recover transcendent ethics and values that will give us discernment so that all scientific and technological breakthroughs find their proper place.

If we open the door to such manipulation, the day that we start limiting procreation to the “fit” and medical care to the “worthy” is not far off.