What’s New


  • February 11-12: in Kansas City – video shoot on the growth of Made to Flourish
  • February 15-16: Teaching Church History at AGTS in Springfield MO
  • March 1-3: Speaking at Church of the Highlands Men’s Retreat, Mt. Hermon, CA
  • March 9: Speaking at the Flourish San Diego Leaning Community (Geoff Hsu, Director)
  • March 15-16: Teaching church History at AGTS in Springfield, MO
  • March 19-21: Speaking at the exploratory gathering for Made to Flourish
  • March 27-30: Speaking at the Missio Alliance National Gathering
  • April 10-12: Speaking at a Made to Flourish exploratory gathering in Grand Rapids, MI
  • May 1-4: Made to Flourish Stakeholders Forum, Atlanta, GA
  • June 3-7: AGTS doctoral seminar: Ministry in the 21st century
  • June 18-21: Coordinating the Protestant Chapels and speaking at the Acton University event, Grand Rapids, MI






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