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Critical Minds, Tender Hearts and a Prayer

A critical mind is not a judgmental heart.
May we (re)learn the art of evaluating arguments and evidence, without castigation or hypocrisy. Disagreeing with another’s perspective – even on moral and political issues – does not mean hatred or intolerance.
Living peaceably with our deepest differences while we find common principles of ordered liberty requires humility and courage.

A Joyful Lament:
Lord, hear my praises and receive my tears:
Rejoicing in the goodness, love and power of Christ.
Lamenting the immature and polarizing words of people in power, from the President to celebrities.
Rejoicing in all the good work done by millions no one hears about.
Lamenting the sufferings of so many and praying for comfort in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, Mexico City and scores of other locales.
Rejoicing in the progress of many dialogues, community outreaches and on-the-ground renewing of communities.
Lamenting the inability of so many to live with diverse views and honor one another.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Holy Spirit, come anew with purifying and transforming grace.

In Memorium

Today I read the sad news that Eli Wiesel has died.
His voice is one of a handful of “lifetime voices” marking my history.

As his generation leaves our world, the memories and lessons he offers must be amplified, especially in the current atmosphere of intolerance emanating from all extremes.

A survivor of the Shoah, a witness for peace and a devout man wrestling with good and evil, Weisel was unafraid to confront power in the interests of human liberty:

From asking President Reagan not to place a wreath at a German military cemetery in Bitburg to pleading with President Obama to call on Iran to renounce genocide and nuclear ambitions, Wiesel’s deeds and words leave a legacy of hope and thoughtfulness.

Praying for peace tonight.