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A Summer Letter to the Presidential Candidates

Dear Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump,
Congratulations. The race is on.
You each must answer fundamental questions about America’s future:

What is your ethic of human dignity, from conception to coronation, and how do we treat the vulnerable?

Will you affirm without qualification the first freedom of the First Amendment – complete freedom of conscience/religion and repudiate all attempts at enforced theocracies of any kind?

Will you call on all allies everywhere to affirm human dignity and equality and freedom of conscience, repudiating all slavery and dhimmitude?

Will you outline a real strategy against ISIS and other terror groups that includes our allies?

What is a hospitable and wise immigration policy?

How will federal budgets be balanced?

What is our posture toward Israel and a Palestinian Authority still dedicated to her destruction?

How do we really heal racial divisions?

How do we balance the blessings of global free trade with concern for American workers?

How will you balance free enterprise with proper ethical oversight?

AND…What are the virtues that nourish true liberty and what are the responsibilities of every citizen?

Madame Secretary and Mr. Trump,
Our times call for statesmanship, not gamesmanship. Our times call for conciliation and conviction, courage and humility, not ad hominem attacks. It is easy to label and libel – much harder to articulate the vision and sacrifices necessary to secure the future. Self-love and lust for power are the road to personal and national self-destruction. Please articulate a way forward that ensures the common good without a nanny-state and unleashes ethical enterprise and compassion for all.

Waiting for character and vision.


Telling the Truth about Islam, Part 2

How do we respond to millions of good neighbors and implacable enemies? How can lovers of virtue-based liberty create better policies for the years ahead? Here are three insights:

One: We must be good, loving friends to our Muslim neighbors and engage in mutually enriching conversations that foster human flourishing and safer neighborhoods. Sharing our Christian faith with gentleness is a risk worth taking, if we believe our own Bible.

Two: We must face the truth that millions of Islamists do desire the destruction our cherished freedoms, from ending our First Amendment under the guise of repudiating “hate speech” to the enforcement of Sharia law, locally and globally.

Three: All nations that value liberty of conscience must work together on immigration, military responses to terrorism and economic opportunities in order to secure lasting peace.

Telling the truth is uncomfortable, but needed for moral authority. In the next installment, we will face the truth of Western oppression directly and understand how repentance from historic and present sins joined with generosity of spirit can turn enemies into friends.